Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical Insulation, the insulation and jacketing of mechanical systems, is a time-tested and proven technology for realizing reduced energy costs, fire stopping, enhanced performance, maximized R.O.I., emissions & noise reduction, moisture prevention, safety & personnel protection, improved appearance, and capacity reduction of new mechanical equipment.

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Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical insulation is the insulating and jacketing of mechanical systems. It is used to cover pipes, ducts, tanks, and equipment in commercial or industrial environments and is typically relied upon to control temperature for a much broader range of variances than that of a typical home.

Residential insulation is typically found in the exterior walls and attics and is used to keep the environment a consistent, comfortable living temperature. The temperature differential in a home insulation environment is in most cases far less than that of a typical commercial or industrial application.

Mechanical insulation is primarily used to limit heat gain or loss from surfaces operating at temperatures above or below ambient temperature. The opportunities to limit that gain or loss are far greater in the commercial and industrial sectors versus the residential sector.

Mechanical Insulation is a simple technology providing significant results. A properly designed, installed, and maintained mechanical insulation system brings many benefits that could not be realized in any other way.

Mechanical insulation saves energy and reduces costs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, provides personnel safety, enhances the performance of mechanical systems, and most importantly increases end-users’ short and long-term Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Fire Prohibitory IconFirestopping

Passive firestopping systems are part of the very structure of the buildings in which they are used. After they are installed, firestopping materials are always present in the building and do not rely on any type of mechanical device to properly perform their function.