Our Contractors

The professional mechanical insulators of the Western Lake Erie Insulation Industry have created partnerships with three area contractors. With these partnerships, WLEII is able to provide the northwestern portion of Ohio and the southeastern counties of Michigan with the highest level of trained mechanical insulators through this preferred Signatory Contractor list.

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Our Contractors

WLEII member contractors are the top insulation contractors in the area – each specializing in insulation services while employing only the best insulation-trade workers to service a variety of customers.

Please contact the following contractors if you are looking for professional mechanical insulation:

Advanced Specialty Contractors, Inc.

2579 Tracy Road
Northwood, OH 43619
Phone: (419) 661-8522
Fax: (419) 661-8825
Contact: Bryan Pieh

Commercial Insulation, Inc.

649 West Sylvania Ave.
Toledo, OH 43612
Phone: (419) 269-1741
Fax: (419) 269-1743
Contact: Scott Meredith

Gem Inc.

6842 Commodore Dr.
Walbridge, OH 43465
Phone: (419) 720-2675
Fax: (419) 666-7004
Contact: Clyde Shammo

R.L. Bondy

2830 Crane Way
Northwood, OH 43619
Phone: (419) 666-6899
Fax: (419) 666-6782
Contact: Mike Whitson

Toledo Mechanical Insulation, Inc.

28747 Glenwood Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: (419) 534-6075
Fax: (419) 534-6561
Contact: Mike Lucztowski

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The Western Lake Erie Insulation Industry is always looking to add area contractors to our organization. Get all the advantages that come with being a contractor of the Western Lake Erie Insulation Industry.

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Mechanical Insulation, the insulation and jacketing of mechanical systems, is a time-tested and proven technology for realizing reduced energy costs, fire stopping, enhanced performance, maximized R.O.I., emissions & noise reduction, moisture prevention, safety & personnel protection, improved appearance, and capacity reduction of new mechanical equipment.